For Parents

The Pre-School commitee and staff are always keen to make sure that parents and carers receive sufficient information about the Pre-School, how it works and how you can get involved and help. Staff and committee are happy to answer any questions.

What is lunch club?

The Pre-School holds a lunch club every Monday and Thursday, 12.45pm - 2.30pm. You can sign up for lunch club on the day and give your child a healthy packed lunch to bring along! Lunch club currently costs £6.00 per session.

Can I stay and play sometimes?

Yes! All parents/carers are welcome to arrange to stay at Pre-school to join in the play. It's a great chance to find out what the children get up to. Ask a staff or committee member for more info.

When are fees normally due?

Bills are issued near the beginning of the month. We ask that bills are paid as promptly as possible as this can be crucial to keeping the Pre-School's cashflow healthy and ensuring we have sufficient funds.

Scottish Charity Number SC022876